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'Work is much more fun than fun.' - Noël Coward
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About Brian Works

My name is Brian Sexton and Brian Works is the latest incarnation of a Web site I originally built to serve as a portfolio of my work. It was born of the simple premise that portfolios can better convey abilities than can résumés.

I plan to add not only more content, but also more features to the site very soon. For now, there is actually less here than there was in my old main portfolio, so if you would like to see more of my work, please refer to Carroket, Black Cat Ops, Ask Gaston for Android, Dragon Clock for Android, Cleverlay, and my ancient portfolio at CalendarWorks.

About Brian Sexton

I usually work as a software developer—mostly on Web and mobile applications lately, although I have also done quite a bit of Flash development and I remain fond of ActionScript 3.0 (JavaScript's tidier cousin). I am particularly passionate about user experience.

Beyond my professional software development efforts, I develop more software in my personal time, but I am also a visual artist, a writer, and a university student (when my work schedule and finances both allow). Like my parents before me, I was raised in Silicon Valley, but lately I split my time between the Bay Area and Sacramento.

My main personal Web site can be found at

Thanks & Attributions

My thanks to Nolan Issac1 and Luis Llerena2 for the use of their lovely photos and to Unsplash for all they do.

  1. Photo by Nolan Issac
  2. Photo by Luis Llerena

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