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'Work is much more fun than fun.' - Noël Coward
I ♥ UX


My résumé is available for viewing and downloading in glorious PDF format.

Supplemental Documents

Formal Education

Here are further details of my formal education, including lists of professionally relevant courses I’ve taken at SJSU.

Work Samples


Here’s a mini-portfolio I made in 2012. It includes prototype game UI (interactive wireframes), final game UI, video player kiosk UI, and original character, background, and icon artwork.


Here’s a page that lists and links to more of my work, including recent articles and various video productions. It’s just text for now, but I’ll probably fancy it up soon.


I was a Certified ScrumMaster from June 19, 2013 until June 19, 2015.

Presentation Slides

Here are the slides from a presentation I gave in 2016—“Technical Philosophy”.

For more information about my abilities and further examples of my work, please see the front page, the projects section, Well Written, or my LinkedIn profile.

Current Availability

I am currently available for regular employment and freelance projects.

Please see my recruitment page for details.

Social Stuff