Brian Works

'Work is much more fun than fun.' - Noël Coward
I ♥ UX


Thank you for your interest!

I receive a lot of similar inquiries from recruiters, so I have assembled the following information for you.

Current Availability

I am currently available for regular employment and freelance projects.

My Résumé

You can download the latest version of my résumé from my résumé page.

Home and Work Locations

I live in Sacramento, California and I usually work either near home or in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am not currently interested in relocating, but I am willing to consider traveling for the right position.

Work Statuses

I prefer to work as either a true employee or a true freelancer.


I have many interests, so I do many different things, but most of my work involves at least one of three general disciplines:

  • software design - primarily UI and UX
  • software development - mostly web development (sometimes front end and sometimes full stack), but sometimes mobile app development too
  • writing and editing - instructional materials, documentation, business communications, news, reviews, and more

Most Appropriate Positions

While I would be happy to work in myriad different roles, there are some for which my skills, talents, and interests make me particularly well suited.

  • writer/editor - technical, news, business, creative, etc.
  • product manager
  • project manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • game designer
  • front-end web developer - JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • mobile app developer - preferably using Swift for iOS
  • DevOps engineer - build, release, automate, etc.
  • scrum master/agile coach

I have more focused experience in some of those areas than others, but I have enough knowledge and experience to know that I can excel at any of them.

Current Passions

Here are some of the things in which I’ve been particularly interested lately.

  • writing - always
  • UI and UX - always
  • Node.js - Grunt, Gulp, etc.
  • Swift - ♥ a clever, fun, familiar programming language
  • Electron - desktop apps with web technologies
  • PhoneGap/Cordova - mobile apps with web technologies
  • CSS layouts - CSS Grid and Flexible Box (flexbox)

Work Authorization

I am a United States citizen, so I do not require any special authorization or visa sponsorship to work in the USA.

Security Clearance

I do not currently hold a security clearance.

Social Stuff