Brian Works

'Work is much more fun than fun.' - Noël Coward
I ♥ UX


I have been doing creative, technical, and promotional writing and editing for over twenty years, often while also designing, developing, and testing software.

Tutorial Articles

I have written several tutorials on web development and related topics.


Sometimes I write, edit, and manage blogs.

Printed Publications

Before the rise of the web blogs were called “zines” (short for “fanzines”) and they were printed on paper instead of in pixels. Back then I wrote, edited, designed, published, and distributed video game and comic zines.

There’s plenty more where that came from! I plan to add more projects, more information about my projects, and more screen shots and video soon.

More of my writing and editing work is listed at my other portfolio site, Well Written.


I have written and edited news, reviews, tutorials, instructional and reference materials, UI copy, advertising copy, stories, character dialog, and more.

Social Stuff