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Nokia Mobile Online

Nokia Mobile Online
Nokia Mobile OnlineNokia Mobile Online

Nokia Mobile Online was both a Windows application (Flash-based, extended with MDM Zinc, and accompanied by some task-specific helper applications written in C) and an accompanying administration Web site. I was the primary developer of both as well as their intermediate software (written in PHP) and database (MySQL) while employed by WebEnertia.

The Windows application ran from a USB flash-memory drive and allowed Nokia sales representatives to do such things as download and access documents and read news via the application's built-in RSS feed-reader wherever they had access to computers with Internet connections.

The administration system allowed Nokia staff to do such things as post news for the remote application's built-in RSS feed-reader and upload documents for downloading and access via the remote application.

The project manager and visual designer was Steve Ohanians, WebEnertia's Creative Director and a partner in the company.

The first release of Nokia Mobile Online was called "Nokia Channel Toolkit"; it was renamed for its second version.


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